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Jewish Folksong Suite for String Quartet
      -by Matt Springer

About the sheet music:

When the host of the holiday party asks if your string quartet can play some Jewish music, now you can say yes!  This suite of traditional and popular Jewish string quartet melodies can be played in its entirety or as individual movements for wedding receptions, parties, and other events that could benefit from Jewish string quartet music.  Some of these arrangements have a traditional Jewish sound, while others are more freely adapted interpretations of the melodies.  The suite includes two traditional Chanukah songs.  The movements range in difficulty level from intermediate to advanced. 

Matt Springer's Jewish Folksong Suite for String Quartet was completed in 1994 and originally published by Tara Publications in 1996.  Tara released a 2nd Edition in 2007 with a 3rd printing in 2011* It has now been re-released as a 4th Edition (2015) through Khach-22. 

*The 2011 version from Tara has several printing and pagination problems.  If you purchased the 2011 version as one stapled book containing all four parts, or having two swapped pages, please contact me. 

More details, including program notes, reviews, history, and streaming audio of each movement

Evolution of the new cover design

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